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Synonyms for Czech

a native of inhabitant of the Czech Republic

a native or inhabitant of the former republic of Czechoslovakia

the Slavic language of Czechs

of or relating to Czechoslovakia or its people or their language

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IN recent years one of the most distinguished core policies of the Czech Republic in the Philippines is support in higher education, as emphasis in this initiative will give way to the scheduled arrival of a delegation from top Czech universities to Manila this month.
Business owners from Egypt and Czech have achieved great success, says Tamer El-Sibai.
On June 16, ICBC and the Czech Republic Government Office signed the Memorandum on the Establishment of Prague Branch and Business Cooperation and the Memorandum on Cooperation in the Establishment of Central and Eastern European Fund in Beijing.
Czech Republic remains the country's official name.
Consequently, the majority of Czechs were unable to travel to the West for most of the 20th century.
CHRIS ROBERTS SCOTLAND 1 CZECH REP 0 Scotland aren't great but will still win narrowly because the Czechs are there for the taking.
What do Czechs today associate with the phrase "The Czech minority abroad"?
So far only the Czechs, who have the region's oldest and most deeply rooted liberal tradition, have evaded the lure of illiberalism.
The Americans managed little attack against the Czechs, just Reyna's blast and a few forays late in the second half, after Eddie Johnson came off the bench, but they were all over the Italians and were unfortunate not to test Azzurri goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon more than they did.
The Czech primary sources consulted were those of the Naprstek Museum (Czech emigration and Czechs abroad), the Prague Municipal Archives, and the Archives of the Czech Literary Museum, the National Museum, the State Central Archives and the Archives of Charles University, all in Prague.
HOLLAND are sick of the sight of the Czechs after struggling against them throughout their European Championship campaign.
And when I don't understand (a common occurrence), I still love to listen to Czechs speak.
Our church hosts had told us of the statistics of religious practice in the country; about four per cent of Czechs practice a religious faith.
The Czechs convinced themselves that this ethnic cleansing was in fact an act of justice.
Unlike their neighbors, however, the Czechs started out debt-free with an industrial base that dates from before World War II.