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Synonyms for Czech

a native of inhabitant of the Czech Republic

a native or inhabitant of the former republic of Czechoslovakia

the Slavic language of Czechs

of or relating to Czechoslovakia or its people or their language

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The Czechs provides a single-volume introduction to the land and its people that is both scholarly and accessible.
For the start-up and development of activities in Slovakia, the company calls on the knowledge and experience gained at its operations in the Czech Republic.
These are worrysome times for supporters of the Czech Republic and Italy, the consensus picks to emerge from difficult Group E in this World Cup.
And I concluded that the Czechs were in the extraordinary, almost unique position of having a leader better than they wanted or deserved.
Havel, who has long been the most influential advocate for expanding NATO eastward, marked the occasion by installing above the Prague Castle--the Czech presidential residence--a goofy neon heart, of the same design that he draws atop his signature.
Hockey is so big that the final games of the Olympics are broadcast on a huge screen in Old Town Square in Prague, where thousands of Czechs gather to support their boys.
What is the truth about Klaus' policies and influence, and the transformation o the Czech Republic under his guiding hand?
team, which started the Olympics with such promise, could get knocked out of contention with a loss to the Czechs in the single-match elimination game.
It had been 16 years since the Czechs had been to a World Cup, long enough for the Czech Republic to separate from Slovakia, long enough for its citizens to elect a poet as president and long enough to watch virtually every other European country on sport's world stage.
So far only the Czechs, who have the region's oldest and most deeply rooted liberal tradition, have evaded the lure of illiberalism.
The Americans managed little attack against the Czechs, just Reyna's blast and a few forays late in the second half, after Eddie Johnson came off the bench, but they were all over the Italians and were unfortunate not to test Azzurri goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon more than they did.
HOLLAND are sick of the sight of the Czechs after struggling against them throughout their European Championship campaign.
And when I don't understand (a common occurrence), I still love to listen to Czechs speak.
Our church hosts had told us of the statistics of religious practice in the country; about four per cent of Czechs practice a religious faith.