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a former republic in central Europe

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19) This initiative and subsequent steps--as, for example, Churchill's pronouncement in Parliament in November 1940 welcoming Poland and Czechoslovakia's joint declaration (20)--encouraged the Poles to believe that Britain supported the idea of their confederation with the Czechoslovaks.
The FO welcomed and encouraged Poles and Czechoslovaks, in Thomas Lane's words, to create a "working association" that served their interests along with those of Great Britain, but paid little attention to how such an arrangement was framed.
His mission, Mirsa added, was to probe the Czechoslovak government secretly on the possibility of an arms deal.
In a report that was sent to Shiroky four days later, Gregor's assistant Jan Souchek was able to record six other cases in which companies approached the Czechoslovak government in order to acquire weapons on Egypt's behalf.
Chmel noted that Xiaobo has been imprisoned as an author of the Chinese Charter 08, a document in which the Chinese dissidents request political reforms in their country and which was inspired by the Czechoslovak Charter 77.
Liu (54) was one of the key authors of Charter '08, a pro-democracy manifesto modeled on the Czechoslovak Charter '77.
But all of a sudden socialism took root here in 1960 as the communist leadership added an extra "S" to the official name of the country (the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (ESSR)), as the state lion obtained a star instead of a crown, and as his heraldic shield was replaced by a Hussite pavise.
3) This was an important factor which made it much easier for Czech political leaders to effect economic reform in the areas of price liberalization, the devaluation of the Czechoslovak crown (Kcs) and the tax system.
Czechoslovak economists and political leaders were relatively familiar with traditional privatization techniques such as direct sales or public tenders, and they quickly concluded that such techniques and programs were not applicable in the Czechoslovak context.
A proud young Czechoslovak Minister of Health admonished us to drive the term "Eastern Europe" from our minds.
Giustino analyzes aristocratic residences the state had seized and transformed into state-owned museums to demonstrate how Czechoslovaks were able to produce meaning in their lives independent of party intentions.
funded and better connected than the Czechoslovaks.
The leadership of the Czechoslovak First Republic saw the cultivation of this myth at home and its dissemination abroad as essential to the very survival of the state.
That month, the Motion Picture Export Association (MPEA), an organization that represented the major Hollywood studios internationally, had just signed an exportation contract with the communist-run Czechoslovak Film Monopoly--a vertically integrated institution which controlled film production, distribution, and exhibition in Czechoslovakia (Mares 94).
This essay argues that the notion of American independent distributors became a discursive battleground for the MPEA and the Czechoslovak Film Monopoly.