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a former republic in central Europe

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Americans will probably never drink as much beer per capita as the Czechoslovakians or Germans, but if we can just work our way up to the level of the doughty Luxembourgers, American brewers will have to work overtime just to keep up.
Czechoslovakian newspaper writers might repair to the local beer hall for launch, and quaff more than few pilseners.
When questioned in the House of Commons about the ethics of taking the "cream" of the movement, MacEachen defended the team's mission, arguing that everyone was welcome to apply and the team was to "assist the specially qualified Czechoslovakians who may want to come to Canada by exploring with them the opportunities that are available in the country.
Many Czechoslovakians were frustrated by the reaction of the West to the invasion of their homeland.
Some 300 Czechoslovakians trained as agents in Scotland to wage a secret war against Hitler.