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a former republic in central Europe

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With this agreement, LoJack has also shown itself to be an export leader," said Governor Weld, who led a trade mission to Czechoslovakia in September.
Beer lovers in the famed brewery town of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, have decided to mix party politics with the politics of partying.
However, although brewers from many countries bandy the word "pilsener" about, true pilsener is still brewed in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.
She returned to Czechoslovakia in 1968, when the Communist Party began making reforms and ended censorship.
They are more aggressively going into countries newly opened to Western business such as China, Czechoslovakia, and Romania, and are looking for opportunities in less industrialized areas such as Brazil, Venezuela, India, and Singapore.
A map shows us the locations of the places in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Poland where Vishniac documented "the vanishing lifestyles and traditions of his people.
The book elucidates much that one wondered about at the time: the role of CIA head William Casey and of Vernon Walters, Reagan's ambassador-at-large, who were both devout Catholics; the vision that Reagan and John Paul II shared of reversing the Soviet domination of Central and Eastern Europe; Jaruzelski's fears of suffering the same fate as Alexander Dubcek of Czechoslovakia did in 1968.
117) The File explores these issues and situations with reference to the author's own case; the broader context of collaboration, for post-Communist Poland and Czechoslovakia as well as East Germany, is presented in Tina Rosenberg's The Haunted Land: Facing Europe's Ghosts after Communism.
According to Szporluk, Josef Stalin's 1939-1945 annexation of Ukrainian ethnic territories previously belonging to Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania, and their inclusion in the Ukrainian Soviet Republic, transformed the Ukrainian problem in the Soviet Union into a major issue and had a profound impact on Ukrainian-Russian relations for decades.
Pilsner Urquell was one of the few exports coming out of Czechoslovakia during the Cold War years, albeit in very limited quantities," explained Steve Hauser, Pilsner Urquell's group marketing manager, Guinness Import Co.
The governor of the central bank of Czechoslovakia, Miroslav Singer, has cancelled his plans to accompany the nation's prime minister to the EU Banking Union summit.
Soon after, the family returned to Czechoslovakia and then to India, where he was consul general there.
The central bank of Czechoslovakia has said that it is expecting an increase in corporate non-performing loans.
The Ministry of Finance certifies, within its role as the Supervising Authority of Czechoslovakian Insurance (illegible) that the above mentioned statement is in compliance with the jurisprudence currently in effect in the Republic of Czechoslovakia.
A team of GTECH executives is traveling to Czechoslovakia to finalize formal contact arrangements.