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a former republic in central Europe

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When the new Czechoslovak Republic was constituted in 1919, the Jewish National Council was founded to support the Jewish minority.
But the liberal democratic Czechoslovak Republic came to an abrupt end at Munich in 1938.
1) The government will adopt measures necessary for regulating contractual (private) insurance in the territory of the Czechoslovak Republic pursuant to articles 3 through 9.
The period between World Wars 1 and 11 almost precisely coincides with the period of the "first" Czechoslovak Republic (1919-1938).
Eagle Glassheim examines the Bohemian aristocracy in its efforts to preserve political influence through the last decades of the Habsburg empire, the interwar Czechoslovak republic, the Nazi occupation, and the establishment of Communism.
These cleverly employed notes abound in detail from the time of the First Czechoslovak Republic.
A permanent opera company originated in Ostrava in 1919, in the fledgling Czechoslovak Republic, as a section of the new National Moravian-Silesian Theatre.
Since then she has embarked on a monumental project on the brothers Karel and Josef Capek, publishing "The Brothers Capek" in 1985 (concerning their childhood and youth), "Tuning for Two Strings" in 1990 (dealing with their period of intellectual maturing up to the end of World War I), and now Polocas nadeji (The Semifinal of Hopes), presumably the penultimate volume, bringing the Capek story halfway through the First Czechoslovak Republic.
For more than a century after its foundation, the conservatory was a private school Following the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 it was nationalised (and would remain in state hands from 1919 to 2000); since January 2001 it has been administered by Prague City Council, Over the two hundred years of its existence, it has had twenty-two directors, most of them renowned composers, as well as distinguished instrumentalists.
The French composers' association Les Six with its principled neo-classicist orientation was very warmly received in the Czechoslovak Republic.
His view of the new Czechoslovak Republic when it was established was negative--he feared that German musical life in the republic would become isolated and then gradually become extinct with the process of assimilation to Czech culture.
More stations were eventually set up to cover an ever larger territory in the Czechoslovak Republic.
On 28th of October 1918 the First Czechoslovak Republic was proclaimed in Prague, but soon had to face many problems.
1918 saw the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic and the positions of the two language groups were reversed.
At the end of the 1st World War, with the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and proclamation of an independent Czechoslovak Republic, Czech-German conflicts were then to take very acute and visible forms directly related to theatre, as well as other issues.