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a native or inhabitant of the former republic of Czechoslovakia

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10) The Polish government-in-exile was recognized by the allies, but the Czechoslovak National Committee led by Edvard Benes, found it difficult to get recognition as a government-in-exile and was rivaled inter alia by Milan Flodza's Slovak (then Czecho-Slovak) National Council.
In 1961 the Minister of Education and Culture set up the Committee for Promotion of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic Through Czech and Slovak Music, made up of representatives of 16 central authorities, institutions and organisations, with its secretariat being the Music Information Centre, whose one and only employee worked from February 1962 until the end of 1963 within the State Music Publisher in Prague.
The reaction of the public to this action will determine where we are now: are we in 2013 or back in 1968, when tanks crushed the freedom of the Czechoslovak people.
The Soviet news agency, Tass, claimed 'assistance' was requested by members of the Czechoslovak Government and Communist party leaders to fight 'counter-revolutionary forces'.
Take, for example, the cosmetic surgery that shrunk the name and borders of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic into the Czech Republic.
Operation Anthropoid, the plot to kill Heydrich, has gone into Czechoslovak and British military history as a tale of danger and daring up there with the likes of the Dams Raid.
Their goal was to deliver a secret message from a Czechoslovak general to US authorities, join the US Army Special Forces, then return to liberate their country.
Her brother, Josef, who was a pilot in Czechoslovak Air Force, and his friend, Josef Stribrny, made their way to Britain to join the RAF.
The machine for sale is one of the batch supplied for the 1978 Grand Prix season and ridden by Ballington to victory in the Italian, Finnish, West German and Czechoslovak rounds that year.
It came into being following the dissolution of the Czechoslovak Federation in 1993 and has a Western-style democracy, a well-educated population and a skilled workforce.
The Plastic People trial spurred Havel and his friends to form Charter 77, a human rights organization built around a petition that asked, simply, that the Czechoslovak government adhere to the Final Act of the 1975 Helsinki Agreement--specifically its covenants on civil, political, and economic rights--to which it had recently become a signatory.
The game was played between a select of former Czech and Slovak stars and the Czechoslovak side that reached the World Cup quarter-finals in 1990.
In front of 10,000 fans in his hometown of Nitra, Moravcik's 76th minute goal sealed a 5-4 win for a team of ex- Slovak and Czech internationals over the Czechoslovak side that reached the World Cup quarter-finals in 1990.
com shows only four titles; some are about Czechoslovak literature; none is more recent than 1991, before Slovak independence.