Czar Alexander II

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the son of Nicholas I who, as czar of Russia, introduced reforms that included limited emancipation of the serfs (1818-1881)

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The site, named for Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, a son of Czar Alexander II, was built in 1890 and is part of the larger Russian Compound, most of which Israel purchased 45 years ago.
Ralph Epperson in The Unseen Hand, Czar Alexander II of Russia sent significant contingents of his naval fleet to both our East and West Coasts to aid the Union during the War Between the States.
Richard Grayson opens with: "The anarchist's bomb that killed Czar Alexander II in St.
Since 1860 it has been housed at the famous Mariinsky<OK> Theatre in St Petersburg, named after Maria, the wife of Czar Alexander II.
For example, when Czar Alexander II of Russia was murdered in 1881, Russian Jews were blamed.
Much of Putin's stay, the first state visit to the UK by a Russian leader since Czar Alexander II in 1874, was taken up with ceremonies and receptions designed to portray British acceptance of Russia as a major business partner.
Pogroms had surged insidiously in 1881 in Russia after the assassination of Czar Alexander II.
The reign of Czar Alexander II in Russia made possible some limited accomplishments for the Haskalah in Eastern Europe.
A prime motive in Lenin's revolution was provided by the execution of his brother for plotting to assassinate Czar Alexander II.