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Es ist merkwurdig, Czako, wie hochgradig verwohnt im Ausdruck Sie sind, wenn Sie nicht gerade selber das Wort haben [.
We've been bombed now for an hour," Czako began writing in a letter to his sister at 9:05 a.
75) No se entrara a analizar en detalle la regla de la mejor informacion disponible; sin embargo, para efectos de una mejor comprension de este y otros principios que rigen el procedimiento antidumping se recomienda la lectura del libre de Judith Czako, Jojann Human y Jorge Miranda titulado "A Handbook on Anti-Dumping Investigations", Cambridge University Press, 2003.
Mientras Rex y Czako se alejan a caballo, dejando a su amigo cenar junto a su tia, estos conversan sobre las frecuentes visitas de Woldemar a las dos hijas del viejo Conde Barby: la joven condesa Armgard y su deslumbrante hermana mayor Melusine, ex esposa divorciada del italiano Conde Ghiberti (3).
The prospect of watching the unbeaten Hungarian wonder horse in action encouraged Borbala Czako to book a table for herself and guests for both Tuesday and Saturday, and doubtless start working on what outfits and hats to wear.
Father Gabor Czako, who led the service, asked why "such a young man with so many talents had to die in such tragic circumstances".
Father Gabor Czako led the service at an Aberdeen funeral home.
Chikan, Attila, Czako Erzsebet, and Zita Zoltay-Paprika, National Competitiveness in Global Economy, Budapest: Akademiai, 2002.
Corey, Czako, and Kurti (all chemistry and chemical biology, Harvard U.
In a discussion of Der Stechlin he illustrates this with reference both to the style and structure of the novel itself and to the attitudes of its 'modern' characters, Czako, Melusine, and Dubslav, drawing particular attention to the discussion of contemporary painting.
Van Heerden JA, Grant CS, Czako PF, Service PJ, Charboneau JW.
Chikan, Attila, Czako, Erzsebet, and Demeter, Krisztina eds.
Czako & Sik, 1987; Lomnitz, 1988; Korbonski, 1981) have abundantly described the widespread system of favors and tricks, privileges and exclusions, information leaks and deception taking place among managers and workers of state-controlled enterprises through intricate systems of informal networks.
Created from the best-selling Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis by Laszlo Kurti and Barbara Czako, ChemApps: SANROS provides organic chemists with time-saving information about chemical reactions from a trusted source, along with unique search and filter functions.