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the degree to which something is toxic to living cells

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Interleukin-4 receptor-directed cytotoxin therapy of AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma tumors in xenograft model.
Specific for cancer, mutated IL-13s are envisioned to carry cytotoxins or radiation energy to these cancers.
aureus antibiotic resistance and the inability of antibiotics to counteract cytotoxins involved in the bacterium's pathogenesis of disease call for novel therapeutic approaches," Eszter Nagy, M.
The topics include delineating protease functions during cancer development, positional scanning synthetic combinatorial libraries for substrate profiling, imaging specific cell surface protease activity in living cells using re-engineered bacterial cytotoxins, and on-demand cleavable linkers for radio-immunotherapy.
coli (EHEC) elaborates Shiga-like cytotoxins that produce a bloody diarrhea without white blood cells.
Krammer notes that the immune system's killer T-cells and some cytotoxins such as tumor necrosis factor (SN: 8/31/85, p.
Tubulysins are naturally occurring cytotoxins that prevent cell growth and division by destabilizing microtubules.
Most commonly used cytotoxins for ADCs under clinical development include auristatin, calicheamicin, maytansine and duocarmycin.
We need greater insight into how cells in the adult brain and heart, in response to moderate alcohol exposure, are able to achieve a relatively protected state with respect to certain insults or cytotoxins," said Collins.
It has only recently been appreciated that reactive oxygen intermediates have broad potential to act as secretagogues, enzyme activators (17-20) and regulators of transcription along with their more familiar roles as enzyme inactivators, antiseptics, cytotoxins, and mutagens (17-20).
Targeted cytotoxins are used in experimental neurobiology to produce neural lesions of unprecedented selectivity to match the complexity of the organization of the nervous system itself.
Furthermore, we have analysed the ADC market from the point of view of the commonly used linkers and cytotoxins.
Kunwar and colleagues retrospectively reviewed all patients treated using two clinical Phase I/II protocols at their institution in which CED of tumor-selective recombinant cytotoxins for recurrent malignant gliomas were used.
In addition to the Company's liposomal technology platform, NeoPharm is developing ligand targeted cytotoxins for the treatment of a broad variety of cancers.