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a microscopic network of actin filaments and microtubules in the cytoplasm of many living cells that gives the cell shape and coherence

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Several authors have reported that degradation of cytoskeletal proteins such as desmin was associated with the water holding capacity of meat [28,29].
The cytoskeletal proteins reorganize late in the cell cycle into annular ring structures that flank the division site at midcell.
Shock wave induced cytoskeletal and morphological deformations in a human renal carcinoma cell line.
2012 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research award--Michael Sheetz, 65, Columbia University, New York City; James Spudich, 70, Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA; and Ronald Vale, 53, University of California, San Francisco--"for opening up the study of cytoskeletal motor proteins, whose activities are essential for numerous processes, such as muscle contraction, intracellular movement, and cell locomotion.
Microtubules and CaMKII are ubiquitous in eukaryotic biology, extremely rich in brain neurons, and capable of connecting membrane and cytoskeletal levels of information processing.
Coverage includes membrane, organellar, cytoskeletal, adhesive and communicating, and polarized cellular domains, and domains regulating gene expression.
SIRPA-positive cells, when cultured, express the expected markers, transcription factors and cytoskeletal markers of cardiomyocytes, and can be maintained in culture for extended periods of time.
Cellular responses were analyzed in terms of morphology while cytoskeletal organization was mapped using non-muscle myosin assembly.
Products are available for the study of apoptosis, chromatin regulation, cytoskeletal signaling, DNA damage, lymphocyte signaling, MAP kinase signaling, protein folding, translation control, and other phosphorylation events.
Intracellular AGEs (most likely derived from methylglyoxal) crosslink cytoskeletal proteins and render them insoluble.
At Hunter, Bill--still interested in cytoskeletal elements--turned to the marginal band, an organelle that occurs in the flattened, elliptical red blood cells of non-mammalian vertebrates and in the thrombocytes of mammals.
To use a computer analogy, protein kinases are the 'DOS of the cell' and control virtually all cellular processes including metabolism, transcription, cell cycle progression, cytoskeletal rearrangement, cell movement, apoptosis, and differentiation.
Growing evidence suggests that G protein-coupled receptors interact with scaffolding, cytoskeletal, and signaling proteins and that these interactions play a role in the targeting, anchoring, and functioning of the receptors in the plasma membrane, thus contributing to cell development and plasticity.
Through interaction with vascular endothelial cell cytoskeletal proteins, ZYBRESTAT selectively targets and collapses tumor vasculature, thereby depriving the tumor of oxygen and causing death of tumor cells.