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Synonyms for streaming

the circulation of cytoplasm within a cell


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(computer science) using or relating to a form of continuous tape transport

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2+] in cytoplasmic streaming in a variety of plant tissues has been actively researched (Seagull, 1989), including some information available on root hairs.
Verapamil applied to root hairs of tomato and oilseed rape caused a cessation in cytoplasmic streaming within approximately 4 minutes but a recovery if no additional verapamil was added; addition of m-N-ethylmaleimide caused membrane depolarization and irreversible cessation of cytoplasmic streaming in these same species (Clarkson et al.
2+] in root hairs and a decrease in cytoplasmic streaming (Felle et al.
For example, it has been known for years that auxin affects cytoplasmic streaming in root hairs (Sweeney, 1944); if auxin action is mediated by [Ca.
1993) studied the effects of ammonium, nitrate, and aluminum on cytoplasmic streaming in wheat (Triticum aestivum) root hairs.