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a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell

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Keywords: Escherichia coli, outer membrane, cytoplasmic membrane, periplasmic space, nucleoid, ribosomes, vesicles, aberrant mesosomes, betaine
13) The efflux pumps are comprised of three proteins: an RND exporter protein embedded in the cytoplasmic membrane that is an energy-dependent pump, a membrane fusion protein in the periplasmic space that links the RND exporter protein to the third protein, an outer membrane porin.
It may assist the activity of the drugs by increasing the non specific permeability of the cell or by acting on different targets on the cytoplasmic membrane, thus enhancing the damage done to the bacteria.
Immunostains in Vascular Proliferations Stain Pattern Application CD31 Cytoplasmic membrane Specific marker of staining endothelial cells; poor sensitivity (66%) CD34 Cytoplasmic membrane High sensitivity for staining endothelial cells; poor specificity Factor Cytoplasmic Less sensitive than VIII-related staining, CD31 for endothelial Ag ultrastructurally cells; infrequently Weibel-Palade bodies used Ulex Cytoplasmic staining Less sensitive than Europaeus I correspond to CD31 for endothelial agglutinin cells; infrequently used Table 6.
Otsu-shi, Japan) has patented a polypeptide having an activity for targeting a heterogeneous polypeptide to a surface of cytoplasmic membrane, a nucleic acid encoding the polypeptide, a construct for introducing into a cell, comprising the nucleic acid, a transformant harboring a carrier for introducing into a cell, a method for localizing a polypeptide on a cell surface, a method for detecting the polypeptide or nucleic acid and a kit therefor, and a method for detecting a ligand or receptor for the polypeptide.
A 92-amino acid ovotransferrin peptide, OTAP-92, was found to be capable of killing Gram-negative bacteria by crossing the bacterial outer membrane by self-promoted uptake, and damaging the cytoplasmic membrane.
The TonB protein spans the periplasm and is anchored to the cytoplasmic membrane and interacts with receptors in the outer membrane to facilitate the uptake of several nutrients or growth factors, including iron-siderophore complexes.
lactis, which may kill Gram-positive bacteria by forming pores in the bacterium's cytoplasmic membrane.
This cytoplasmic membrane contains several enzymes and is important in many of the biochernical transformations carried out in bacterial cells.
Its effect is the result of the light's ability to penetrate organism cytoplasmic membrane (protective layer) and attack the DNA structure.
coli, this is mainly associated with the highly resistive nature of its intact cytoplasmic membrane.
Cytoplasmic Membrane Systems: Structure, Function, and Membrane Trafficking.
2, part D) on tumour cell cytoplasmic membrane and Ki-67 index was 15%, which confirmed the diagnosis of rPNET.
They possess a unique cell envelope with a cytoplasmic membrane of ether lipids surrounded by a proteinaceous S-layer and various cell appendages such as flagella, pili and more unusual structures.
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