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any of a group of herpes viruses that enlarge epithelial cells and can cause birth defects


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At the next steps of this project, we are going to evaluate the expression efficiency of this codon- optimized gene which is currently under the human cytomegalo virus (hCMV) promoter, through pIRES- EGFP vector, in the chicken embryo fibroblast cells.
Protective effect of black seed oil from Nigella sativa against murine cytomegalo virus infection.
of patients Abortion 38 Intrauterine growth retardation 21 Intrauterine death 09 Preterm labour 07 Early neonatal death 20 Congenital malformation 05 Total 100 Table 3 - Seropositivity of each infection agent within TORCH test Seropositivity Seropositivity HDRF (n=100) Controls (n=5) TORCH agent Number % Number % Toxoplasma 41 41 07 14 Rubella 18 18 02 04 Cytomegalo 27 27 03 06 virus(CMV) Herpes Simplex 14 14 02 04 Virus(HSV) Total 100 100 14 28 Table 4 - TORCH agents with different presentations of HDRF cases.
The most frequently identified organisms are Campylobacter jejuni and cytomegalo virus.
Prevalence of cytomegalo virus infection among health care workers in pediatrican immunosuppressed adult units.
Many viruses like Human cytomegalo virus (HCMV) and Epstein bar virus (EBV), two members of herpes viridae family may also mediate oncogenic growth.
The RNA viroids and its complementary DNA developed into cholesterol enveloped RNA and DNA viruses like herpes, retrovirus, influenza virus, borna virus, cytomegalo virus and Ebstein Barr virus by recombining with archaeal, eukaryotic and human genes resulting in viral speciation [24,25,26].
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