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the origin and development and variation of cells

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The effect of cement dust exposure on hematological and cytogenic studies of cement workers.
Cytogenic investigation of subjects professionally exposed to radiofrequency radiation.
Clinical, hormonal and cytogenic evaluation of 46 XX male and review of the literature.
Written for human cytogeneticists, technicians, and students, this volume updates, revises, and incorporates all previous ISCN (International System for Human Cytogenic Nomenclature) human cytogenic nomenclature recommendations into one publication.
No specific translocations or genetic abnormalities in humans have been identified to cause OS; (14,50,54) However, approximately 70% of OS tumor cells display the contribution of some genetic variation, which leads to cytogenic abnormalities (54,55).
Cytogenic effects of cyanazine and metolachlor on human lymphocytes exposed in vitro.
The MGMT enzyme removes mutagenic and cytogenic adducts from O6-guanine in DNA, via a one-step methyl transfer reaction (Lindahl et al.
5) Histopathological analysis (and sometimes even special immunohistochemical staining and cytogenic analysis) can be used to make a definitive diagnosis.
Cytogenic analyses were performed, investigating specifically the role of a primitive tissue known as a[euro]oeundifferentiated gonadal tissue.
Other than pleuropulmonary blastoma family tumor and dysplasia syndrome, a rare syndrome related to germline mutation of DICER1 gene, most intraocular medulloepitheliomas occur sporadically and are not associated with congenital malformation or cytogenic abnormality.
21 November 2011 - Celgene International Sarl, part of US Celgene Corp (NASDAQ:CELG), said today that the Swiss agency for Therapeutic Products (Swissmedic) had cleared REVLIMID (lenalidomide) to treat patients with transfusion-dependent anemia due to low-or intermediate-1-risk myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) related to a deletion 5q cytogenic abnormality with or without additional cytogenic abnormalities.
Cytogenic study showed 46XY/46XX mosaic chromosomal pattern.
Effect of turmeric oil and turmeric oleoresin on cytogenic damage in patients suffering from oral submucous fibrosis.
3 Bone marrow failure usually occur secondary to genome instability leading to cytogenic abnormalities.