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a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings

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53) These two poems, Philomela and Cythara, must have appealed to the duke, for he had them copied into a book of prayers and religious treatises, Paris, Bibliotheque nationale de France, MS lat.
1201, which includes Howden's Philomela and Cythara.
Certain manuscripts of the book tell how there were three Sirens, the one making music with a cythara, the second with a lyre, and the third with a human voice.
42) Metius applied his system to stringed instruments, organ pipes and bell-making, singling out of the first group the cythara (with a string length with the pitch E as his starting-point) and the testudo (vibrating string length on G); possibly the second model--that at the bottom of illus.
Un primer reconocimiento de este hecho son los elogios de Calderon de la Barca en la Aprobacion a la primera edicion de la Cythara de Apolo.
musette d'Allemaigne, cornet d'Allemaigne, l'eschaquir d'Engletre, chevrecte d'Esclavonnie, cythara teutonica and cythara anglica, rabe morisco, guitarra morisca and guitarra latina, guitarra sarracenica, cor sarrazinios, cornet sarrazinoas, but also the ala bohemica or fleuthe de Behaingne.