Cystopteris fragilis

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delicate fern widely distributed in North America and European having thin pinnatifid fronds with brittle stems

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trichomanes and Cystopteris fragilis contribute to vegetation plots (Nowak et al.
Diagnostic species: Cystopteris fragilis, Asplenium viride
The plant association built by Cystopteris fragilis was found in many locations in the Hissar, Zeravshan, Turkestan, Karateginian, Rushan, Darvaz, Shugnan and Vanch Mts.
In some plots Cystopteris fragilis, Callipeltis cucullaris, Campanula incanescens and Carex koshevnikovii were observed.
The presence of non-clathrate rhizome scales eliminated Asplenium, but the presence of multicellular hairs similar to those of Cystopteris supported the latter, as did the presence of toothed margins, although Cystopteris fragilis has veins ending in a sinus rather than in a tooth.