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benign angioma consisting of a mass of lymphatic vessels

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Intracystic injection of OK-432: A new sclerosing therapy for cystic hygroma in children.
Fewer than 100 cases of adult cystic hygroma have been reported in the literature.
During the late 1980s, Ogita et al began to administer sclerosing therapy with OK-432 to children with various cystic diseases, primarily cystic hygroma of the head and neck, as a way of avoiding surgical risks such as functional damage and cosmetic problems.
Cervicomediastinal cystic hygroma associated with chylopericardium.
The third type, cystic hygroma, is a multilocular cystic lesion composed of cysts of varying sizes.
Cystic hygroma (CH) is a benign, congenital malformation of the lymphatic system with an incidence of 1:6,000 [Gedikbasi et al.
Neck swelling due to complicated cystic hygroma in an infant
The Monosomy X option may be ordered for patients with cystic hygroma, an ultrasound finding which suggests that the fetus has an increased risk of having an abnormal number of chromosomes.
Other diagnoses to consider when presented with a lateral neck mass include but are not limited to thyroglossal duct cyst, cystic hygroma, lymphadenopathy, lipoma, hemangioma, lymphoma, dermoid tumor, and carotid body tumor.
In this group, there were two intrauterine deaths and two neonates died in the postnatal period (one postpartum and one postoperatively, both with an additional prenatal diagnosis of cystic hygroma with a postnatal diagnosis of Noonan syndrome and Goldenhar syndrome).
Emily first hit the headlines back in 2007, when surgeons performed the ground-breaking operation after she was diagnosed with cystic hygroma, a huge swelling blocking her airway.
Mr Kinsella said: "Emily has survived numerous serious operations to treat a cystic hygroma and vascular malformation.