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an amino acid containing sulfur that is found in most proteins

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CYS Investments had an empty slush fund and returns were weak, suffering a price decline of approximately 20 percent.
Furthermore, a big portion of REIT dividends, specifically those of CYS Investments, consists of return of capital, reducing the investor's taxable income in the year the dividend is received, thus lowering the cost basis of the investment and defers taxes until the investment is sold.
We focus on delivering to our leading customers the highest quality wireless solutions," said Juan Allende, Strategy General Manager of Grupo CYS.
Van Treese said, ``Every day thousands of drug addicted babies and battered children are being abused, and then are abandoned by government agencies like CYS who in turn exploit foster and adoptive parents.
is giving the gift of hope and cash -- more than $18 million this year alone -- to struggling charities thanks to a legal doctrine known as cy pres.
COMP Comprehensive CY Community IND Independent VA Voluntary aided FD Foundation school FESI Further education sector institution MOD Modern SEL Selective NONSEL Non selective