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small genus of tropical Asiatic greenhouse ferns

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The gametophytes of Arachniodes, Cyrtomium and Polystichum.
Development of gametophyte of Cyrtomium nephrolepioides (Christ) Cop.
To test which of these scenarios is more likely, we surveyed patterns of genetic diversity in eight (n = 307) populations of Cyrtomium fulcatum from southern Korea.
Dryopteridaceae, Cyrtomium, allozymes, conservation, founder effect, glacial refugia, homosporous fern, gametophytic selling, population history, population structure
In Korea, many ferns are characteristic of the warm-temperate and subtropical vegetation, such as Cyrtomium falcatum (L.
Cyrtomium falcatum is an evergreen homosporous fern that usually grows on coastal rocky slopes in the warmer parts of south to northeastern Asia (India, Vietnam, eastern and southern China, Taiwan, southern Korea, and Japan; Iwatsuki, 1992).
The authors thank Cheol Hwan Kim for helping us in locating populations of Cyrtomium falcatum in southern Korea, and B.
The genus Cyrtomium (Pteridophyta: Dryopteridaceae) in Africa and Madagascar.
Cyrtomium falcatum Presl is adventive in gardens of Santa Barbara.