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an alphabet derived from the Greek alphabet and used for writing Slavic languages (Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and some other Slavic languages)

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org domain - today announced the general availability of a new Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) in the native Cyrillic script.
Toponyms (including street names, both on the map and as a separate alphabetical and grid-indexed list) are given in Cyrillic script.
Some Kazakhstan government websites are already available in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts.
On the back of the jersey's neck is a graphic that reads 'Serbia' in Cyrillic script, while inside the neck is a small double-headed eagle from the Serbian coat of arms.
Once you leave the bilingual comfort zone of the city's international airport, you are thrust into a melting pot of people and the complex and baffling language of the Cyrillic script.
Their problems range from a lack of resources--their technical designer had left--to publishing all content three times over: in Cyrillic script, in Latin script, and in English.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has called for Russia to be assigned an internet domain name in the Cyrillic script.
Yet the Russian Internet, with its Cyrillic script and 30 million users, has proved tough.
Printed in Cyrillic script, the hardcover appropriately depicts a woman's portrait by Amadeo Modigliani.
The pack design reflects the need to blend Britishness with Russian product information, preferably in cyrillic script.
Religious instruction is mandatory, school books -- even chemistry texts -- are in Cyrillic script and all religious holidays are scrupulously observed.
But Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, accounting for three-quarters of the regional population, have decided to retain the Cyrillic script.
Those organizations and individuals who register their domain names in the new Cyrillic IDN will be able to establish deeper connections and increased awareness through the use of native Cyrillic script in their website addresses.
The problem, of course, is that these things are written in Cyrillic script, so unless you can read Russian (which I can't) it's helpful to have a transcription of the alphabet to hand when deciphering the details.
During Plevneliev meeting with Slovakian President Gasparovic, the two heads of state also arranged a later visit of Plevneliev to Slovakia for the celebration of the 1,150 anniversary of the 863 Great Moravia mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius, who were instrumental in translating the Bible into Slavic and in creating the Cyrillic script.