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an alphabet derived from the Greek alphabet and used for writing Slavic languages (Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and some other Slavic languages)

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In the units of central power in the Republic of Macedonia, state institutions, public enterprises, directorates, commissions and other institutions, where at least 20 percent of the population speaks a particular language, that language and its alphabet shall be used as an official language in addition to the Macedonian language and the Cyrillic alphabet.
It includes reviews of books on the Cyrillic alphabet as well as more general works presenting a typology of writing systems.
You go to the supermarket and you can't read what you're buying because y y g of the Cyrillic alphabet, even buying a box of CornFlakes.
The Serbian Cyrillic alphabet is interspersed with the Latin alphabet, borrowing from German such as "Sieben gegy Theben" and other foreign or English/international terms, such as "pizza.
Olin begins with an overview of the Cyrillic alphabet.
Conservatives have also started gathering signatures for another referendum, demanding a ban of the Cyrillic alphabet in Croatia.
President, is this strategy going to produce any functional solutions for the use of the Cyrillic alphabet in the Republic of Croatia?
Licensors and agents doing business in Turkey need employees or interns who can speak Turkish and read the Cyrillic alphabet, to name just one challenge.
Methodius spread the Cyrillic alphabet used in Bulgaria, Russia and other eastern European countries.
About 30 pages of reference appendices list legal terms, conversion factors, the Cyrillic alphabet, and Arabic numbers.
In a way, it's lucky for Sean and Ben there is an alien invasion their first night in the city, because otherwise these two guys wouldn't have had much else to do in Moscow except make fun of the Cyrillic alphabet.
Her frustrations with the Cyrillic alphabet are paralleled by her father's dismay at Soviet bureaucracy and identification papers that state "Jew" as the family members' nationality.
Tajiks speak Farsi, but state schools in Tajikistan use the Cyrillic alphabet while the Iranian school uses the Persian alphabet.
Seeing the city solo requires a visa, currently pounds 120, and few cope with the language and signs in the Cyrillic alphabet.
For abbreviations one can use Appendix 4, assuming some basic knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet, where it becomes clear that Eer.