Cyrilla racemiflora

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shrub or small tree of southeastern United States to West Indies and Brazil

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In addition to Weinmannia pinnata and Cyrilla racemiflora, some of the
urbanii, Cyrilla racemiflora, Eugenia alpina, Weinmannia pinnata and
forbesii, 2001 Cypress-pine Blue, Callitris hugelii, 180 60 50 253 [star] 1975# Cyrilla Swamp, Cyrilla racemiflora 51 44 30 103 var.
The "colorado forest," named for the large colorado tree, Cyrilla racemiflora L.
kenaica (AK) BITTERBUSH Picramnia pentandra * (FL) BURNINGBUSH Western Euonymus occidentalis * (WA, OR) CAJEPUT-TREE Melaleuca quinquenervia # (FL) CAMPHOR-TREE Cinnamomum camphora # (FL) CAPER Limber Capparis flexuosa * (FL) CASTORBEAN Ricinus communis (FL) CEANOTHUS Feltleaf Ceanothus arboreus * (CA) CEANOTHUS Greenbark Ceanothus spinosus * (CA) CHINKAPIN Allegheny Castanea pumila (NJ, PA) CHINKAPIN Ozark Castanea ozarkensis (MO, AR, OK) COCOPLUM Chrysobalanus icaco * (FL) COLUBRINA Coffee Colubrina arborescens * (FL) COLUBRINA Cuba Colubrina cubensis * (FL) CROSSOPETALUM Florida Crossopetalum rhacoma * (FL) CYRILLA Littleleaf Cyrilla racemiflora var.
forbesii, 2001 CYPRESS - PINE Blue, Callitris hugelii, 180 60 1994 ([DELTA]) CYRILLA Littleleaf, Cyrilla racemiflora 33 21 var.