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the basic unit of money in Cyprus


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From February 1 the Cyprus Pound will cease to be legal tender and can not be accepted for any payments.
And, finally, the exchange rate for the Cyprus pound has changed very little since Cyprus adopted the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in May 2005.
Olympic Holidays is highlighting the fact that visitors are getting about 15 per cent more Greek drachmas for their pound than they were a year ago - while with the Cyprus pound they are getting 20 to 25 percent more for their money.
This is the reason that the Republic of Cyprus never devalued the Cyprus pound apart from a specific time during the 70s when the currency was connected to the British pound and the devaluation was imposed by necessity, the Cypriot Spokesman explained.
These developments helped pave the way for the Euro, which replaced the Cyprus Pound as Cyprus' national currency as of January 1, 2008.
A Euro exit would pose deadly risks for Cyprus both financially and politically, a group of 23 economists and academics said Tuesday, in a document outlining six reasons to avoid a return to the Cyprus pound.
These developments have helped pave the way for the Euro, which replaced the Cyprus pound as Cyprus' national currency as of January 1, 2008.
Finance Ministry Director General Andreas Charalambous confirmed Sarris' plans, but also added that in eth case of a failure to pass the bank levy bill through parliament, abandoning the single European currency and returning to the Cyprus Pound was not a serious option.
The currency here is the Cyprus pound, which at the moment is worth about 20 per cent more than sterling.
5 bln euro bailout, "then maybe we should threaten them with exiting the eurozone and bringing back the Cyprus pound.
This was followed by the decision to transfer the management of the public debt from the central bank to the Ministry of Finance, while the realisation of profits from the exchange of Cyprus pound notes and coins to euros caused a further conflict.
The post Central bank says December 31, deadline for Cyprus pound exchange appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The Central Bank of Cyprus is reminding the public that the last day for the exchange of coins of the Cyprus pound is 31 December 2009.
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