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the basic unit of money in Cyprus


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From February 1 the Cyprus Pound will cease to be legal tender and can not be accepted for any payments.
The Central Bank of Cyprus is reminding the public that the last day for the exchange of coins of the Cyprus pound is 31 December 2009.
Swiss franc loans were sold by Cypriot banks -- many in 2007 and early 2008 at the height of the property boom -- at a much lower interest rate than those available in pounds sterling, the euro, or the Cyprus pound before the island joined the eurozone in January 2008.
Contrary to popular belief foreign assistance was not a crucial feature of the recovery (though always useful), but the crucial feature was that we had the Cyprus pound, its value remained strong, and we had an independent monetary policy (there was no devaluation).
Perhaps he was there to argue in favour of AKEL's idiotic proposal for an 'orderly exit from the euro' and the return to a heavily devalued Cyprus pound.
The operations cost 3,600 Cyprus pounds and the MRI scan 350, so there isn't much money left from the staff collection.
In 1912 the land for the present church was purchased for a little over 41 Cyprus pounds.
The elderly woman wanted some 5,000 Cyprus pounds (BD4,610) for her efforts, the man said, so he went to police.
com or 00357 26 829000) costs from 96 Cyprus pounds (about pounds 80)a night in low season, rising to a peak of 190Cyprus pounds
The Central Bank, under Christodoulos Christodoulou, produced a report (insert laughter here) billing reunification at 15 billion Cyprus pounds, to drive home the message that the cost of a solution would sink the new federal state.
CYPRUS and Malta both joined the euro this week but if you have any Maltese lira or Cyprus pounds left over from earlier holidays, they remain valid on the islands until February 1.
It was losing one million Cyprus pounds a month when it was sold in 2005.
Luxury apartments in their Westpark Court complex start at 34,000 Cyprus pounds, and detached villas in Vikla village with a view of the Med are from 99,000 pounds.
The land in Strovolos was expropriated by the education ministry in 2001 for the purpose of building a school, at the price of 600,000 Cyprus pounds (roughly e1/41m).
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