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Synonyms for Cyprus

a country on the island of Cyprus

an island in the eastern Mediterranean

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The director of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) in London, Orestis Rossides told the Cyprus Mail they had received one concerned call yesterday, but assured that Cyprus was still one of the safest places to visit.
Based on the findings of a study on the "Future of Shipping in Cyprus", commissioned by the Ministry of Transport, "a positive momentum has been created towards the further enhancement of the service capabilities and capacity of the Cyprus Maritime Administration," he said.
Add to these developments Cyprus's recognized role as an international shipping center and as a gateway for investment into Europe and the Euro-Med region and there are many reasons to put Cyprus on the list of emerging world-class international business centers.
He further stressed that the recent discovery of natural gas in Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone opens up new opportunities for investments in the energy sector while there are plenty of openings for investments in real estate, health and rehabilitation centres, shipping, technology, innovation and in large tourist investment projects such as marinas, golf courses, thematic parks and other tourist developments.
The United States regards the status quo on Cyprus as unacceptable and supports efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement to reunify the island as a bizonal, bicommunal federation.
The issue is not whether the egg came before the chicken, or vice-versa, but why the domes and arches of hundreds of Byzantine monuments in the Republic of Cyprus were shaped after the egg.
Bilirakis, Cicilline and Senator Robert Menendez tabled amendments in the House of Representatives and the Senate pointing out that the embargo is an anachronism which does not reflect the current upgraded relationships between Cyprus and the US, which are allies and strategic partners.
Alpha Bank Cyprus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alpha Bank in Greece, announced earlier in March that the 100% shareholding of Emporiki Bank Cyprus had been transferred to Alpha Bank Cyprus following a decision announced last December.
Lastly, on the sidelines of the Assembly session Mr Mitsopoulos had the opportunity to meet with his counterparts from Greece, Malta, Bulgaria and other countries, while the other members of the Cyprus delegation had the chance to hold important bilateral contacts.
It is imperative that Turkey withdraw its forces and at long last concede that the Cyprus question is one that can only be resolved through mutual agreement on a solution, not the imposition of one.
The unilateral declaration of independence of northern Cyprus in November 1983 was a huge blow to the peace process in Cyprus.
Cyprus' comparative advantages as an attractive investment destination and the investment opportunities it offers were highlighted at the Cyprus-USA Business Forum which was jointly organised in New York for the first time by the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), the Energy Ministry, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the New York Cyprus Trade Centre.
The problems experienced by Cyprus banks produced visible effects on Romanian financial markets and the RON weakened to above 4.
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