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Synonyms for Aphrodite

goddess of love and beauty and daughter of Zeus in ancient mythology


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During observation, the stubs were rotated and tilted to bring the cypris antennules into precise orientation for measurements as explained below.
The cypris, which looks like a swimming bivalve, spends all its time moving about in search of a suitable attachment site.
Another possible example is exhibited by cypris larvae of barnacles, which utilize their antennular attachment organs to fasten to the substratum while they explore it (e.
Daphnis' similar dismissal of Aphrodite is broken by a dramatic aposeopoesis: "Is it not said of Cypris that the cowherd .
Brooklyn, NY 11207-9907 (718)342-4900 Carpenter Brothers Inc, Milwaukee, WI Gene Conreaux & Co, Indianapolis, IN Cyprus Metec Corp, P O Box 74 Fleming Pike, Winslow, NJ 08095 (609)561-7500 Cypris Minerals Co, 9100 E Mineral Circle, Englewood, CO 80155 (303)643-5000 Foseco Canada Inc, Guelph, Ont F&S Alloys & Minerals Corp, New York, NY Hickman-Williams & Co, 2015 Spring Road, Oak Brook, IL 60522 (708)574-2150 Miller and Co, 55 East Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603 (312)372-1500 Molycorp Inc, Washington, PA Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corp, 3 West Blvd, Newfield, NJ 08344 (212)692-4200 Waterton Industrial Prod Co, Tempe, AZ Martin Zuckerman Co Inc, pikesville, MD
An ancient center of her worship was the island of Cyprus, for which she was often called Cypris.
Scanning electron microscopy of cypris larvae of Balanus amphitrite (Crustacea: Cirripedia: Thoracica: Balanomorpha).
en tanto, otras, son exclusivas de las areas encanonadas donde se presenta el bosque humedo tropical y no parecen subir mas arriba de los 1000 msnm (Morpho cypris chrysonicus Fruhst, Agrias amydon ssp.
Characterisation of the bacteria associated with barnacle, Balonus amphitrite, shell and their role in gregarious settlement of cypris larvae.
When counseled by a servant to give all gods their due he rebuffs her, saying, "to that Cypris [Aphrodite] of yours I say 'good riddance.
After hatching, the larvae go through a number of developmental stages culminating in cypris larvae (cyprids), which have to settle (attach) to a surface in order to complete the lifecycle.
Item presa %N %FO %IIR Copepoda Calanidae 6,82 50,68 8,29 Eucalanus 1,13 16,10 0,44 Paracalanidae 14,43 43,49 15,05 Centropages 1,70 18,84 0,77 Acartia 0,29 4,11 0,03 Calanoida 34,42 63,36 52,28 Oncaea 2,92 28,42 1,99 Corycaeus 5,80 28,77 4,00 Oithona 0,63 4,79 0,07 Microsetella 3,15 14,38 1,09 Copepoda inteterminados 6,20 32,53 4,84 Ostracoda 0,14 7,19 0,02 Euphausiacea 4,08 5,82 0,57 Appendicularia 4,74 22,60 2,57 Larvas Cifonauta 0,08 5,14 0,01 Larvas Pelecypoda 9,38 27,05 6,08 Cypris Cirripedia 0,11 5,48 0,01 Larvas Crustacea 1,44 27,40 0,94 Huevos indeterminados 0,40 11,64 0,11 Huevos invertebrados 0,43 5,82 0,06 Otros zooplancteres 0,59 16,78 0,24 Huevos E.
Male cypris settlement in Clistosaccus paguri Lilljeborg (Crustacea: Cirripedia: Rhizocephala).
And the soul of Meleager, steady in war, replied, "I left at home khloros-necked Deianeira, still unknowing of golden Cypris, the charmer of mortals.