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All but one of the three living Larix laricina noted by Swinehart (1994) have died, and the Cypripedium acaule noted by Lindsey in 1972 and Swinehart in 1993 were not observed, nor were the Lycopodium lucidulum and Lycopodium obscurum that Swinehart found in 1993.
Dryopteris cristata and Vaccinium macrocarpon are threatened, while Cypripedium acaule, Glyceria taxa and Woodwardia virginica are of special concern (Table 3).
Large yellow lady's-slipper Cypripedium parviflorum var.
The orchids are closely related to one of the UK's rarest flowers - another variety of The Lady's Slipper with the botanical name Cypripedium calceolus.
luridum, Papperitzia leiboldii, Pleurothallis microphylla, Psygmorchis pusilla, Scaphyglottis crurigera, Stanhopea inodora, Trichosalpinx greenwodiana habitan solo en bosque tropicales y; Bletia amabilis, Cypripedium irapeanum, Encyclia pollardiana, Habenaria mitodes, Isochilus aurantiacus, Oncidium stramineum y O.
Some examples of threatened species still use are the ladies slipper Cypripedium parviflorum var.
One of the programme's ongoing projects concerns the lady's slipper orchid, Cypripedium calceolus, whose number had been reduced to just a single flowering plant in the 19th century by over-zealous plant collectors.
We encountered nine species considered as threatened or endangered in Wisconsin (Wisconsin DNR 1993): Agastache nepetoides, Asclepias purpurescens, Besseya bullii, Camassia scilloides, Cypripedium candidum, Gentiana alba, Hypericum sphaerocarpum, Parthenium integrifolium, and Polytaenia nuttallii.
Conservation genetics of an endangered lady's slipper orchid: Cypripedium japonicum in China.
The photosynthetic rate, chlorophyll fluorescence, leaf nitrogen content and chlorophyll content were studied in the leaves of Cypripedium flavum at different ages.
Mexipedium and Selenipedium) occur in Mesoamerica, and the range of one of the oldest species in the entire subtribe, Cypripedium irapeanum La Llave et Lex.
Two kinds of biotic interactions, pollination and mycorrizae, play vital roles in orchid reproduction and survival, we therefore specifically look at the relationship between orchid pollination and conservation, using Cypripedium (Bernhardt and Meier, this volume) and the diverse orchids in the Mediterranean region (Vereecken et al.
Keywords: Henry County Indiana, fens, sedge meadows, wetland complex, county records-vascular plants, Floristic Quality Index (FQI), plant communities, flora-Indiana, Cypripedium candidum