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Synonyms for Cypriot

a native or inhabitant of Cyprus

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of or relating to Cyprus or its people or culture

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Daszewski, 'Marble Sculptures in Nea Paphos, Cypriote or Imported?
Beer, Temple-Boys: A Study of Cypriote Votive Sculpture Part I, Catalogue--Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology, no.
Mustafa accused the Cypriotes of massacring prisoners; he arbitrarily changed the terms of the truce.
Two months later the greatly outnumbered defenders of the Cypriote capital of Nicosia capitulated on terms, which the Turks promptly broke, killing thousands of Christians-- both soldiers and civilians--and selling most of the women into slavery.
As part of the agreement that produced the independence of Cyprus, the Cypriotes themselves hat to agree that Britain would be able to maintain military bases in Cyprus and that these military bases were subject to British Sovereign control.