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the basic unit of money in Cyprus


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It's a great investment, particularly now with the Cypriot pound practically on a par with sterling," John told us.
The rush to ditch the Cypriot pound (which had served the island well) was brought on by the 'Europhoria' of joining the EU with the false panacea for all of Cyprus' problems.
The aid consists of a 30 million Cypriot pound (euro 51 million) loan guarantee over six months to give the authorities a chance to organise the restructuring of the airline.
The central rate for the Cypriot pound has been set at 0.
Q: What is the currency in Cyprus (a) Cypriot Pound (b) Cypriot Dollar (c) euro
The top five currencies they sell are Euro, US dollar, Cypriot pound, Canadian dollar, and Turkish lira.
The currency is the Cypriot pound (CYpounds ) and Turkish Lira in the North.
OK, prices in the Greek islands have gone up since the euro, but Cyprus still has the Cypriot pound.
The Bulgarian lev, the Cypriot pound, the Estonian kroon, the Maltese pound and (after some sharp swings) the Latvian lats are still at the same level as when the Euro came into force in 1999.
Holiday giant Thomas Cook reports that bookings to Cyprus are up 43 per cent on last year and Abbey National currency orders for the Cypriot pound are up 112 per cent.
There are many links between our two islands - English is widely spoken, the currency is the Cypriot pound, motorists drive on the left and the local paper even carries English cricket scores.
Reserves were being held as a buffer to prop up the Cypriot pound in case of need but once in the euro zone, this became no longer necessary.
For these works, his company wanted to be reimbursed to the tune of 750,000 Cypriot pounds (e1/41.
According to Judicare, which is holding the seminar on Saturday, the trouble lay in the fact that the buyers were advised to take the loans out in Swiss Francs rather than Cypriot pounds or Euros.