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I immediately began gathering logs, cypress knees, and small and large whimsical stuffed alligators.
Another proven method is to quietly move a boat along the shoreline or through lily pads and lower the fly alongside the pads, matted grass, cypress knees, fallen trees and dock pilings.
The cypress knees area, technically called pneumatophores, are really upright growths from the roots, said to help support the trees while aerating the underwater root system.
Tomorrow we'll be back in de swamp 'mong de cypress knees, de 'gators, and de moccasins, and strainin' wid de swamp boss' "(114-15), and when another of the gang wonders what the swamp-boss is doing while the men are fishing, Cliff professes not to care.
Cypress knees sported bouquets, and Jackson vine, that vigorous clambering vine of the Big Woods, was festooned from the ceiling.
It was a weekday morning and the park was empty, but it seemed like there was fishing line all over the place, hanging from the pilings on the dock, wrapped around cypress knees.