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chiflera"; Cyphomandra betacea "sachatomate"; Cynara scolymus "alcachofa"; Medicago sativa "alfalfa"; Lactuca sativa "lechuga"; Viola tricolor "pensamiento"; Persea americana "palto"; Prunus persica "duraznero"; Dahlia sp.
An N-acetylglucosamine oligomer binding agglutinin (lectin) from ripe Cyphomandra betacea Sendt.
stem 67 Solanaceae Cyphomandra oblongifolia Bohs stem 54 Zingiberaceae Dimerocostus sp.
Crossing studies in Cyphomandra (Solanaceae) and their systematic and evolutionary significance.
Although Solanum appears to be the most important host plant genus for Mechanitis, other genera such as Brugmansia, Brunfelsia, Cyphomandra, Datura, Jaltomata and Nicandra have been previously reported in Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela (Beccaloni et al.
Table II Composition of the Solanum data set used in the WORLDMAP analysis Number Species group of taxa Reference Cyphomandra Sendtn.
Kern & Whetzel Phakopsoraceae Crossopsora Cyphomandra uleana (Syd.
Capsicum annum (Solanaceae) sacha tomate tomate de arbol GT35 Cyphomandra betacea (Solanaceae) uvillas n.