Cyperus rotundus

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a widely distributed perennial sedge having small edible nutlike tubers

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Cyperus rotundus extract significantly decreased the formation of AGEs and showed significant effect on preventing protein oxidation believed to form during the glycoxidation process.
X Cucumis melo X Cynodon dactylon X X Cyperaceae: unidentified X Cyperus articulatus X X X X X Cyperus digitatus X X Cyperus elegans X Cyperus ochraceus X X X X Cyperus odoratus X X X X Cyperus rotundus X Cyperus virens X Cyperus sp.
In vitro evaluation of antibacterial, antioxidant, cytotoxic and apop-totic activities of the tubers infusion and extracts of Cyperus rotundus.
It is to be noted that at Birishiri, Cyperus rotundus is used for treatment of fever, and Zingiber officinale for treatment of dysentery (Table 1).
Inhibitory effect of Cyperus rotundus on Nicotiana tabacum growth, Papers of Iran's fires weed science congress.