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3 Asteraceae Native Solidago canadensis Bigoniaceae Native Campis radicans Convolvulaceae Introduced Ipomea hederacea Cyperaceae Native Carex grayi Menispermaceae Native Menispermum canadense Oleaceae Native Fraxinus pennsylvania Phytolaccaceae Native Phytolacca americana Polygonaceae Native Polygonum virginianum Poaceae Native Elymus virginicus Poaceae Native Festuca subverticillata Smilaceae Native Smilax herbacea Smilaceae --, but native Smilax sp.
In the formal taxonomy of Cyperaceae, the misapplication of terms with regard to descriptions of the inflorescence morphology has led to wrong examples in the morphological sense, since uniformity or stability of terminology have been lacking (Kukkonen, 1994; Browning & Gordon-Gray, 1999).
Tucker, Eastern Illinois University for the identification of the Cyperaceae taxa, and Mark Phipps of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for information and help provided.
2005), for Cyperus papyrus, and by Rodrigues and Estelita (2004), for Cyperus giganteus, who consider this characteristic aerenchyma from the family Cyperaceae.
Planthoppers and other insects that develop on families other than Poaceae would not have been predicted to adopt weeping lovegrass as a host, with the possible exception of Cyperaceae.
Gough collected specimens from Erath County from 1921 to 1923, excluding Poaceae and Cyperaceae as part of her Master's degree from the University of Texas at Arlington (Gough 1923).
Below 38 centimeters, the peat consisted of alternating/interwoven layers of algal "jelly" and Cyperaceae (sedge) leaves, which, when frozen, appeared to have about 25 laminations per inch.
LILIOPSIDA CYPERACEAE Carex cherokeensis Schwein POACEAE Panicum dichotomum L.
Only few AP (Betula, Pinus, Alnus, Picea, Corylus and Tilia) and NAP pollen grains (Poaceae, Cyperaceae, Umbelliferae, Asteraceae, Viola) were found in this interval.
Neyland 901 AF205516 Cyperaceae Rhynchospora latifolia (Baldwin) Thomas R.
The proportion of herbs is high on account of Poaceae and Cyperaceae.
Largest families in the flora were the Asteraceae and Cyperaceae, each with 127 species and the Poaceae with l00 species.