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(Greek mythology) the virgin goddess of the hunt and the Moon


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To the outside world, Cynthia Tailor is woman to envy - she has a devoted husband, a lovely home and two gorgeous children.
Cynthia, 58, was left to ebb away in her own excrement, wearing only a thin nightdress as she lay on the floor for more than two weeks.
After a heart to heart with Sarah about the ins and outs of surrogacy and how it works, Cynthia and Christine decided it's definitely a path worth pursuing.
And Cynthia, aged 62, was less than one month off her 41st year with the firm, which supplies parts for several industries, including Formula 1 cars, diggers, lorries and trains.
I think of all the things I would have said to Cynthia and to tell her I love her to her face - but I can't.
Ophthalmologist Cynthia, 39, said: "We needed to move because we needed more space as the children were getting older.
Unable to get out to buy food or to look after herself Cynthia was found living in poverty having not eaten for weeks and needing medical care.
Ron Bryant and Cynthia Forte negotiated this transaction;
CANYON COUNTRY - When Cynthia and Henry Navarro fled Hurricane Rita as it headed toward their apartment in Tyler, Texas, they met a hurricane of a different kind in Santa Clarita.
Cynthia Furlong Reynolds, author; Catherine McClung, illustrator
CASE FACTS: On December 21, 1996, Cynthia Shealey brought her 12-year-old son Steven Shealey to the emergency room at George H.
PRINCE Andrew is dating Star Trek movie beauty Cynthia Gouw.
The idea for the painting came from Cynthia O'Neal, an actress, designer, and, in those days, self-confessed "ballet nut," married to the noted stage and screen actor Patrick O'Neal.
com) announced today that Cynthia Gregory, one of the 20th Century's greatest ballerinas, will act as Artistic Advisor to the professional company and its affiliated Academy.
We have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with Tom for almost three decades," said Cynthia J.