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(Greek mythology) the virgin goddess of the hunt and the Moon


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By the time Cynthia released her second album, 'Rippingyarns,' it had become impossible for the discerning music junkie not to fall in love with her, entirely.
Graft probers said Augustus, who succeeded Cynthia in the May 2010 elections, continued the purchase of food supplies from AVG Bakeshop from August to December 2010 amounting to P204,350.
Cynthia has 28 years of hospital experience and more than 10 years of hospital management experience.
Solopreneuer, Small Business Owner, and Professional Pianist Cynthia Harris knew before she was a double digit that she wanted to spend her career on the bench (the piano bench, that is).
With the TLC cameras in tow, Cynthia watches her daughter at dance class for the first time.
Waking one morning with a bloated stomach, apparently caused by Busby Berkeley dancers in her intestines, Cynthia looks to a different choreographer for relief and puts a Lester Horton-technique warm-up video on the TV.
Her evil parents, Peter and Josephine Murphy, waited until they were sure the infant was dead before Josephine dragged Cynthia to neighbouring Dun Laoghaire, where they dropped the body in a lane way.
Recent history has shown that successful cyberattacks against governments and government contractors have long-lasting effects that not only impact individuals, but may also damage national security, said Cynthia.
And presiding over all this pantomime of passion was the jolly figure of Cynthia Payne, the infamous brothel keeper who died on Sunday, aged 82, having lived in that house until she took her last breath.
Selwyn and Cynthia Lockwood, both 82, met at Kirkburton Parish Church in 1951, marrying four years later.
SAD to hear of the passing of Cynthia Lennon, aged 75, ex-wife of Beatles legend John who died at her home in Spain following a short but brave battle with cancer.
Cynthia Lennon passed away at her home in Spain yesterday following a short battle with cancer, her family said.
JOHN Lennon's first wife Cynthia has died from cancer aged 75.
JOHN LENNON'S first wife, Cynthia, died yesterday at her home in Spain with her son, Julian, by her bedside, her family said.
Julie plays the manipulative Cynthia Coffin, a workingclass former good–time girl who has the ruling classes wrapped around her finger.