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Cynoglossum officinale Acid preparations, eksi, cynokis imkis, lithospermic acid.
Cynoglossum amabile has lovely clear blue forget-me-not flowers set against grey-blue leaves.
Sidalcea, Rudbeckia, Geranium, Achillea, Erigeron, Lonicera, Hydrangea, Solidago, Cotoneaster, Cynoglossum, Scabious, Anchusa, Lavendula, Origanum, Lythrum, Helenium, Thymus, Veronica and Hebe, Viburnum, Syringa, Fragaria, Rubus, Ligustrum, Potentilla, .
They will be followed by Corydalis flavula (yellow corydalis), Cynoglossum virginianum (wild comfrey or hound's-tongue), Geranium maculatum (wild geranium), and Uvularia sessilifolia (sessile-leaved bellwort).
This family has many other useful examples to continue its help during the summer - Echium, Cynoglossum, Anchusa and Heliotropium are but a small selection.