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Non-mammalian synapsids (therapsids) are represented only by the large traversodontid cynodont Arctotraversodon plemmyridon (Hopson 1984; Sues et al.
Lead author Dr Marcello Ruta of the University of Lincoln of the study, said that mass extinctions are seen as entirely negative but in this case, cynodont therapsids, which included a very small number of species before the extinction, really took off afterwards and was able to adapt to fill many very different niches in the Triassic - from carnivores to herbivores.
The scans showed cynodont brains to be simple and relatively small, with tiny olfactory bulbs.
In the tropical zone where the mammal-relative traversodont cynodonts lived, monsoon-like rains fell twice a year.
Hopson agreed, "The cynodonts (the group of prehistoric animals including mammals and their nearest relatives) are some of the best specimens I have ever seen.
Smith & Kitching (1997) reported a bed of pedogenic nodule conglomerate rich in terrestrial vertebrate remains, including skulls and partial skeletons of cynodonts, in floodplain deposits of Lower Jurassic age in South Africa, which they likewise attributed to a regional base level drop.
Although two different groups of very mammal-like non-mammalian cynodonts are known from the McCoy Brook Formation, no diagnostic skeletal remains of mammaliaforms have yet been recorded from this unit.
Among the remains, the researchers identified seven previously unknown species, including four cynodonts, which were the earliest mammal-like reptiles, and one rynchosaur, a parrot-beaked reptile of a group that disappeared shortly after dinosaurs emerged.