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The discovery of the genus Callirhytis in Panama represents a new contribution to the knowledge regarding the distribution of the Cynipidae in the Americas.
Most of the species of Toryminae are ectoparasitic on cecidogenus insects of the families Cecidomyidae and Cynipidae [54,27,15].
Unlike of other species of Cynipidae (Viggiani & Nugnes 2010), in the different larval instars of this species were not observed mandibular asymmetry nor variation in number and position of the spiracles.
9 Formicidae 7 2 Braconidae 1 10 Chalcididae 1 1 Eulophidae 2 1 Pteromalidae 3 1 Ichneumonidae 1 Chrysididae 2 Encyrtidae 5 Torymidae 1 Cephidae 1 Sphecidae 1 Agaonidae 7 Cynipidae 8 Psocoptera 0.
Most species of the large and widespread parasitoid genus Eurytoma attack gall-forming Cynipidae (Hymenoptera) and Diptera (Tephritidae and Cecidomyiidae) (DiGiulio 1997), and numerous other arthropod taxa and plants.
Euderus species have been reported as primary parasitoids of Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, and even some Hymenoptera, especially Cynipidae (Schauff et al.