Cynara scolymus

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Mediterranean thistlelike plant widely cultivated for its large edible flower head

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6, Boldocynara[R] and Cynara scolymus displayed moderate ACE inhibition in a concentration of 5 [micro]g/ml (30-32%).
Compared to Peumus boldus, Cynara scolymus, Silybum marianum and Taraxacum officinale had only weak inhibitory effects.
Flavonoids of Cynara scolymus possess potent xanthinoxidase inhibitory activity in vitro but are devoid of hypouricemic effects in rats after oral application.
In this study, we investigated the modulatory effect of Cynara scolymus LE on chemically-induced DNA damage and chromosomal mutations using CHO cells.
There is little information available in the literature about modulatory effects of Cynara scolymus L.
Hepatoprotective activity of polyphenolic compounds from Cynara scolymus against CCI4 toxicity in isolated rat hepatocytes.
Beitrag zur Pharmakologie und Wirkstoff-Findung von Cynara scolymus L.
Key words: Cynara scolymus, artichoke leaf extract, Asteracene, choleretic activity, biliary lipids
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