Cynara cardunculus

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southern European plant having spiny leaves and purple flowers cultivated for its edible leafstalks and roots

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Sousa y Malcata (1998) han informado que el extracto enzimatico de Cynara cardunculus hidroliza mas rapidamente la fraccion a- de las caseinas en forma coincidente con los resultados indicados en este trabajo.
Studies pertaining to coagulant and proteolytic activities of plant proteases from Cynara cardunculus, Food Chem.
Proteolysis of ovine and caprine caseins in solution by enzymatic extracts from flowers of Cynara cardunculus.
The objective of this paper was the delimitation of the Argentinean geographical area where it is possible the economic production of Jatropha curcas, Ricinus communis and Cynara cardunculus without watering.
Then, all maps corresponding to each one of the climatic indexes were elaborated and the resulting map of the overlapping of all previous ones defincd the agrodimatic zone of Jatropha curcas (physic nut, pinon manso, tempate), Ricinus communis (tartago, ricino) and Cynara cardunculus (cardo).
Las Figura 8 y 9 marcan el limite termico para el cultivo de Cynara cardunculus.
19] also found the similar trend during the optimization process of transesterification for production of biodiesel using Cynara cardunculus oil and rapeseed oil respectively [18,19].
Preparation and Properties of Biodiesel from Cynara cardunculus L.
En Espana se la juzga como una maleza molesta en campos de cultivo de Cynara cardunculus L.
Las Malezas Invasoras de los Cultivos de Cynara cardunculus en Castilla y Leon.
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Malcata; Studies pertaining to coagulant and proteolytic activities of plant proteases from Cynara cardunculus, Food Chem.
Silymarin is an herbal preparation extracted from Silybum marianum (milk thistle) and Cynara cardunculus (artichoke thistle) seeds and fruits.
Argyrosperma 52) Cucurbita maxima zapallo 55) Cydonia oblonga membrillero 54) Cynara cardunculus alcaucil, alcachofa 55) Cynodon dactylon grama bermuda, gramon 56) Cyperus compresus coqui 57) Cyperus esculentus juncia avellanada chufa 58) Cyperus globulosus junco, sedge, globe 59) Cyperus papyrus papiro 60) Cyperus rotundas cebollin 61) Dactyloctenium zacate egipcio aegyptium 62) Digitaria aequiglumis pasto 63) Digitaria eglumis maleza 64) Diditaria sanguinalis pasto pangola 65) Digitaria sanguinalis pasto cuaresma 66) Digitaria sp.