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Boldocynara[R] (LOT: FE121108), Cynara scolymus (artichoke) leaf extract (DER: 1:30; ethanol content: 57.
Vesala, "A Pilot-Scale Fireside Deposit Study of Co-Firing Cynara with Two Coals in a Fluidized Bed," Fuel 87, 58-69 (2008).
A CYNARA (globe artichoke) reduces cholesterol absorption.
Solution: Drink lots of water to flush those alcohol toxins out of your system and try taking cynara milk thistle to help your liver recover.
Ballet Mystique: Behind the Glamour of the Ballet Russe By George Zoritch Mountain View, California: Cynara Editions, 2000.
While the Mitchell Trust continues to forbid depictions of interracial sexual relations in authorized sequels to Gone with the Wind (Miller 3), Randall locates miscegenation at the very center of Mitchell's mythological South, most notably in the form of Cynara, Scarlett's mulatto half-sister and the story's narrator.
Working with the Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office, the Service's Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is funding weed control on approximately 25 acres (10 ha) now occupied by a nonnative plant, the herbaceous perennial Cynara cardunculus.
Cynara Artichoke promotes bile production which breaks down fatty foods and alcohol to help to minimise the effects of over-indulgence.
A lovely colt foal was born out of Gerry Oldham's very fast mare Cynara, and Gray took a photograph of me with it.
Cynara was diagnosed with HIV in 1993, when she made the decision to become active politically and socially with HIV.
Preparation and properties of biodiesel fuel from Cynara cardunculus L.
I decided to transform Ashley, this icon of Southern maleness--the perfect aristocrat, as Mitchell presents him--into a gay male character in the same way that I took the icon of Southern beauty away from Scarlett, not giving it to Other but to my new character, Cynara.
One way to ease the pain naturally is with Cynara Artichoke supplement - a natural digestive aid which helps gives fast acting relief from bloating.
The Wind Done Gone tells the story of Gone With the Wind from the perspective of Cynara, a mulatto ex-slave who is also Scarlett's unacknowledged half-sister.