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a Celtic language of Wales

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The Southwest Cymric exploratory test, while not productive, did provide valuable geologic data and confirmed a previously untested structure.
Cymric House is close to the Millennium Centre; The modern kitchen
I am thrilled and humbled that Cymric Family Office Services has decided to join us in our mission to serve and exclusively represent the interests of our client families and in so doing to transform the field of wealth management," said Maria Elena Lagomasino, CEO of GenSpring.
If you had more money at the time (or today), you might've bought from the Cymric ranges (solid silver).
The acquisition boosts Nuevo's acreage position in the Cymric Field, already the Company's largest asset; increases its working interest in the East Coalinga, Dos Cuadras and Pitas Point Fields and its royalty interest in the Monument Junction Field; and adds one new field, the Buena Vista Hills Field, to Nuevo's Kern County assets.
The field is located directly between the South Belridge Field and the Cymric Field
Narrow winner Cymric was third in a Group 3 next time.
Dynamo Aber FC took a 1-0 lead through Alex Edwards against Clwb Cymric, but the visitors struck back as Rhodri Charles netted all the goals in his team's 4-1 win.
As, both the movements Cofiwn and Embassy Glyndwr have pointed out repeatedly over the past 40 years, Y Ddraig Goch flag, as a flag, originated with the Tudor pretenders to the English throne who were quite willing to display the Red Dragon on green and white bannerettes and "make play" of its links to Cadwaladr and Uther Pendragon to win over the Cymry to their cause but, once Henry VII was crowned, they promptly discarded their Tudor and Cymric connections, preferring to be known as the "Richmonds".
Those stamped Tudric (made from pewter) or Cymric (made of silver) are highly desirable.
Chevron's San Joaquin Valley production offices are located in Bakersfield, Taft, Lost Hills and Coalinga, and at the Kern River and Cymric oil fields.
Maintenance and capital operations for the program have already commenced in the Cymric, Lost Hills, and Coalinga fields.
Tynte Rovers owed it to their goalkeeper Kieron Roberts, who made several excellent saves to earn his team a point from a 1-1 draw with Clwb Cymric.
I can't decide whether the underwear choices of the Cymric female mean we are fabulously patriotic down to our very pants, saucy scarlet minxes.
A Liberty's Cymric silver tankard (pictured) sold for pounds 10,000 last year.