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a percussion instrument consisting of a concave brass disk

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They are made of a proprietary elastomer material, and are designed to allow the cymbals to ring longer and truer without muffling the sound or overtones.
Cymbals can be made via several different metalworking methods, but casting has been used the longest and remains a market leader.
It quickly became evident that Cleverly seemed most confident when lost in his band's music, so it's handy that Cymbals didn't fall into the trap of derivativeness that many bands affiliated with their choice of genre sadly do.
That's the marketing model startup Exodus Cymbals used to develop a strong foothold among Latin American drummers.
He conjures from the air before him the scene of a cymbalist performing something by Bach in front of the Berlin Wall -- something that would be impossible to listen to because a man banging cymbals together outside the context of an orchestra is somehow unimaginable.
Composed of 196 cymbals representing the 196 countries of the world, "World Voices" is symbolic to Burj Khalifa being a collaboration of people from across the globe and its iconic status.
London, Mar 1 (ANI): A band of 40 zebra finches jamming on electric guitars and cymbals are providing a new kind of entertainment to visitors at the Barbican, in London.
During the afternoon of the show all of the band's drummers were invited to the nearby Paiste cymbal factory and given a set of cymbals each.
Cheestrings' new ad adopts Mr Strings' perspective as he stalks confused punters, set to a bizarre soundtrack of cartoon whimpers and crashing cymbals,
Main dude's voice will make you think he clamps his nuts in a vice before recording sessions just to tune the screetch, and the basslines are oh so rubbery, the drumming from the ninth circle of broken cymbals.
The festivities began with a chariot procession through the city centre, with three huge wooden chariots carrying the deities accompanied by singing, chanting, cymbals and dancing, ending in Victoria Square which had been given an Indian flavour with a village of stalls and stage shows and free food for visitors
On the first day, People from a cross section of societies and countries jostled with each other to watch Lamas called 'chhams' perform splendid masked dances and sacred plays to the accompaniment of cymbals, drums and long horns.
It also features men playing big cymbals and wearing masks.
A fabulous large-format picture book to introduce children to a wide range of musical instruments from cymbals to zithers and all the more familiar ones in between.
Cleaver did some exceptional drumming here, including some moving mallet work on cymbals and some extended play on hand-held percussion instruments.