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a detachable plate that covers the closed end of a cylinder chamber in a reciprocating engine or pump

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Iron block and cylinder head maker Tupy, Joinville, Brazil, received the Volkswagen Group Award this year.
Founded in 1997, Taida Motor specializes in making engines as well as performance parts and accessories for PTWs, including performance fittings, oil-cooling kits (with oil drain parts), connectors, cylinder heads, cylinder gaskets, and oil temperature gauges, which are all easily installed.
Menon and Menon Limited is one of the leading engineering companies in India, manufacturing grey iron Cylinder Blocks and Cylinder Heads in as cast and machined condition.
Improved intake port design and larger intake valves within the cylinder heads
Mark Haywood, prosecuting, said that Nash and Kelly were alleged to be part of a conspiracy to take an estate car into the Land Rover site in Lode Lane and load it with cylinder heads before driving out.
The special marking machine, designed and built by Columbia, peen-marks numbers on the cylinder head camshaft bearing caps to correspond with those of the matching cylinder head position.
Recovered aluminium is re-melted on site and used by Nissan to cast more cylinder heads.
Since the collapse of TransTec just before Christmas, the US motor company has underwritten Campsie's operation, to guarantee supply of cylinder heads for the Ford Explorer.
Traditionally, exhaust valve wear in reciprocating gas engines has required frequent cylinder head maintenance.
Ann's father and Joe Keller were partners manufacturing cylinder heads used for aircraft engines during the war.
AFR), which manufactures cylinder heads for sale to the general public and stocking distributors throughout the United States.
Lost foam casting technology's major limitation in producing automotive parts, particularly aluminum-silicon cylinder heads, is its relatively high porosity levels, which prohibit the casting of parts requiring high strength.
FEV has also implemented this technology in diesel cylinder heads for high performance, where this technique contributes to the achievement of engines with a power density greater than 100 kW/L [135 HP/L].
The design features aluminum cylinder heads with an integrated manifold, compact graphite iron block and fracture-split main bearing caps and connecting rods for precise fit.