Cygnus atratus

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large Australian swan having black plumage and a red bill

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Dendritobilharzia species have been reported from avian hosts including Aix sponsa, Anas creca, Anas discors, Anas platyrhynchos, Anas querquedula, Anas rhynchotis, Anas superciliosa superciliosa, Aythya affinis, Aythya americana, Aythya ferina, Aythya novaeseelandiae, Bucephala albeola, Bucephala clangula, Cygnus olor, Cygnus atratus, Cygnus columbianus, Mergus merganser, Mergus serrator, Nettion crecca and Tadorna variegate from Poland (Sulgostowska, 1972; Khalifa, 1976), New Zealand (Rind, 1989), North America (Ulmer and Vande Vusse, 1970), Brazil (Freitas and Costa, 1972), Czech Republic (Kalarova et al.
The real black swan (named Cygnus atratus by John Latham, the 18th century ornithologist) is native to Australia and, to our knowledge, uniquely found there.
No, I talk to Cygnus Atratus, a black swan which is currently gracing the Knap Lake.
Black swans, or cygnus atratus, are not especially rare, although it is believed that this is the first one at the Knap Lake for years.