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In May of this year, former Cygnus Group Publisher Paul Bowers created Chapel Road Communications (Waukesha, WI) to launch "Airport Improvement" magazine.
Cygnus cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements.
As a leader in the Linux market, Compaq is pleased to form this business relationship with Cygnus to offer industry leading development tools for Linux through our CSA program," said Carl Ramsey, worldwide director of the Compaq Solutions Alliance, Compaq Computer Corporation.
But the spectra of visible light reflected from the core of Cygnus A have no such pattern, casting doubt on whether the galaxy truly harbors a quasar.
Collaborating with James Graham of the University of California, Berkeley, Hester has also compared ground-based, visible-light images of the southeastern part of the Cygnus Loop with close-up X-ray pictures of the same region recently taken by ROSAT.
In March 2005, Cygnus completed the sale of substantially all of its operating assets to Animas Corporation and Animas Technologies LLC.
Also, Cygnus has entered into a content licensing agreement with EBSC0 Publishing (Birmingham, AL) to distribute Cygnus' editorial.
2-meter William Herschel Telescope and a new, large-format infrared detector, the researchers found that helium alone accounted for the surprisingly intense infrared emissions from Cygnus X-3.
The Cygnus Video Network of channels becomes part of a strong and powerful medium that has taken hold across the Internet as a communication vehicle that consumers love," says Cygnus Business Media Co-CEO Carr Davis.
The Asset Purchase Agreement was unanimously approved by the Cygnus Board of Directors.
Cygnus Business Media (Westport, CT) has sold Farm Equipment magazine, the Farm Equipment Catalog and the Ag Industry Watch newsletter to Lessiter Publications (Brookfield, WI).
The group focused special attention on Cygnus A, the brightest radio galaxy in the northern sky.
Digital delivery and content platforms are providing new and enhanced opportunities for Cygnus Expositions' customers to reach larger audiences and for longer periods of time.
Cygnus Business Media (Westport, CT) will launch two new conferences/exhibitions.