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the part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg

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5) When "the city cast[s] / Her people out" to gaze upon their queen as she floats down the Cydnus River, it is Cleopatra's effortless effects that all admire (2.
Voces podem ate mesmo, eu penso, esperar ouvir um elogio de vossa terra e das montanhas que contem e de Cydnus, como o maior de todos os rios e o mais bonito, assim como aqueles que bebem suas aguas sao 'fluentes e abencoados', para usar as palavras de Homero.
La primera, la Cilicia campestris de los romanos, constituye una gran llanura atravesada por tres rios importantes, el Cydnus, el Sarus y el Pyramus, que cortan el macizo montanoso del Tauro y proporcionan aluviones que nutren constantemente la tierra, haciendola especialmente apta para la agricultura (Str.
I would not stand by this view, but Packer's performance was a spectacular achievement that ironically confirmed the element of truth in this view; by giving the language such a full voice, she demonstrated the (arguably inevitable) gap between the sublimity of the poetry--"I am again for Cydnus / To meet Mark Antony," "I am fire and air"--and the stubborn materiality of the body in which the actor enacts the role.
S]he disdained to set forward otherwise, but to take her barge in the river of Cydnus, the poop whereof was of gold, the sails of purple, and the oars of silver, which kept stroke in rowing after the sound of the music of flutes, howboys, citherns, viols, and such other instruments as they played upon the barge.