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small genus of terrestrial ferns of tropical and subtropical southern hemisphere

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Species from 14 genera comprised a monophyletic Cyclosorus clade.
2E) of Cyclosorus parasiticus are covered with numerous hispid and long flexible hairs.
Related genera exhibit different spore surface ornamentations, such as lophate in Cyclosorus (Dai et al.
In contrast, prothallial development of Cyclosorus parasiticus is of the Drynaria-type (Xie et al.
Mesopteris has the distinctive chromosome base number of n = 38, which is different from n=41 of Dryopteris, n = 35 of Thelypteris, n = 36 of Cyclosorus, and n=17 of Lastrea (Love et al.
Table 2 provides a comparison of the characteristics of the related genera of Amphineuron, Cyclosorus, Dryopteris, Lastrea, and Thelypteris, with the genus Mesopteris.
Comparative observation of the development of gametophytes of three species in Cyclosorus Link.
For example, the naturalized fern Cyclosorus dentatus has crossed with the endemic species Cyclosorus cyatheoides (Cyclosorus x palmeri (W.
In addition, three taxa are candidate species: Cyclosorus boydiae, Microlepia strigosa var.