Cyclopterus lumpus

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clumsy soft thick-bodied northern Atlantic fish with pelvic fins fused into a sucker

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Both male and female specimens of Cyclopterus lumpus were examined, along with one specimen of unidentified sex of C.
Representative types of ossicles of Cyclopterus lumpus and Liparis liparis are shown in Fig.
The morphology, variability, ultrasculpture and inferred growth of small dermal and other ossicles of Cyclopterus lumpus (lumpsucker) and Liparis liparis (sea snail) from the Baltic Sea can be compared with those seen in three genera and species (Triglopsis quadricornis--fourhorn sculpin, Myoxocephalus scorpius--shorthorn sculpin, Taurulus bubalis--longspined bullhead) of the related cottoid family Cottidae (sculpins) as described by Marss et al.
2010) and Cyclopterus lumpus have a few rows of dermal ossicles along with scattered ones.
quadricornis and Cyclopterus lumpus are lacking in L.
Cyclopterus lumpus has a three-branched, porous ossicle in its cephalic postorbital sensory canal; more posterior lateral line ossicles are lacking, as the lateral line is absent in this species (Ojaveer & Ojaveer 2003).
Nodular ultrasculpture was discovered in Cyclopterus lumpus, surrounding the denticles on dermal tubercles and forming a ring around the base of the presumed acrodin cap of jaw teeth.
Overall, the morphology, ultrasculpture and inferred growth patterns of the small dermal and other ossicles of both Cyclopterus lumpus and Liparis liparis differ significantly from those of each other and even moreso in structure and variety from the corresponding ossicles of the Cottidae studied by Mdrss et al.