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The final hosts of other species of Neophasis are fishes of the families Cottidae, Cyclopteridae, Zoarcidae, and Gadidae (Bray and Gibson, 1991), and a ll of the above-mentioned families of fishes are present in the Mingan Islands (Thomas and Himmelman, 1988).
The present contribution examines, illustrates and describes the tiny dermal ossicles and bony units in the representatives of the related families Cyclopteridae and Liparidae.
The families Cyclopteridae and Liparidae have sometimes been combined into the family Cyclopteridae, but currently are thought to be sister groups and together represent one of the more basal clades of Cottoidei (Ueno 1970; Jackson 2004; Knudsen et al.
Descriptions of comparable ossicles of selected species of Cyclopteridae and Liparidae are given in Marss et al.
The research was divided into two parts, the present one dealing with the taxa of the family Cottidae (except Cottus), and a subsequent one dealing with the families Cyclopteridae and Liparidae (Marss et al.