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(meteorology) rapid inward circulation of air masses about a low pressure center

a violent rotating windstorm

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The swift and timely actions of Indian Navy has saved 148 lives at sea, which includes the 11 fishermen picked up by the Indian Naval ships Jamuna, Nireekshak and Sagardhwani earlier send brought ashore by INS Kalpenion 04 Dec, besides providing material support to more than 5000 citizens affected by the unique Very Severe Cyclonic Storm over Southeast Arabian sea and L&M Islands.
Over 9,400 people living along the Bay of Bengal coast in SPS Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh were evacuated to relief camps amid heavy rains due to the influence of severe cyclonic storm Vardah.
The officials said that the cyclonic storm Komen which already made a landfall at Bangladesh coast has now weakened considerably and is currently a deep depression only.
Also on Monday, India's Skymet, a private meteorological service, reported that the weather system, initially named 'Tropical Cyclone 01A', had intensified into a cyclonic storm with wind speeds gusting at up to 90km/h.
Under the influence of this Cyclonic Storm, widespread rain and thundershowers with isolated heavy falls accompanied by strong gusty winds are expected in Lower Sindh and the adjoining coast of Lasbella by Saturday [1st November].
Tropical Cyclone Advisory 9' issued by the Met office here stated Severe Tropical Cyclone (Nilofar) in Arabian Sea has weakened rapidly and converted into a Cyclonic Storm and now located at Lat.
NEW DELHI, Oct 20 (KUNA) -- The Indian super cyclonic storm "Phailin", which hit India's eastern coastal state of Odisha a week ago, wiped out 2.
Rathore, director general of the India Meteorological Department, termed the storm, named Cyclone Phailin, a "very serious cyclonic storm.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Bangladesh on Wednesday ordered the evacuation of several hundred thousand people as forecasters said a cyclonic storm would hit low-lying coastal areas by early Thursday.
A storm surge is the abnormal rise in water, over and above normal high tide, pushed toward shore by the winds whipping around a big cyclonic storm.
BNA) -- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain has called on all Bahraini nationals in India to take all precautionary measures and to stay alert and keep away from areas which were hit by severe cyclonic storm 'Nilam' today in Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu State, and the neighboring State of Andhra Pradesh.
IN early January the Indian states of Tamil-nadu and Pondicherry were hit by a Cyclonic storm causing death, injury and destruction.
Saleh bin Salim al Batashi's 35,000sqm farm in Daghmar, Quriyat, was destroyed when cyclonic storm Phet hit Oman in June 2010.
The cyclone intensified into a severe cyclonic storm and moved in a north-westerly direction during the last 12 hours with a speed of six knots.
The tropical cyclone, named 'Phet' (meaning 'diamond'), in the Arabian Sea was likely to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm during the next 24 hours, said met office Wednesday.