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a person who rides a bicycle

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Senior officers as Bridges were adamantly opposed to the idea of formed cyclists units, believing, with some cause, that the best way to employ cyclists was as individual scouts and guides.
The number of cyclists in Sofia has gone up by around 140% over the past three years, according to data of the VeloEvolution Association.
We are seeing more and more cyclists on Cyprus' roads -- some of them even daring to cycle on the road, rather than the pavement -- which until now has been perceived by many on two wheels as the only safe option.
If that was the case then, there would be no problem, only cyclists and HGVs left on the roads.
MORE than 700 cyclists and motorcyclists were killed or seriously injured in Merseyside between 2010 and 2013.
This is currently the only safe junction for cyclists to cross the A45 in this area and I know that a number of other cyclists use the route for the same reasons.
They are unhappy with the new fines introduced in April 2015, say lawmakers must go a little easy on cyclists.
The Liberal Government is committed to improving the safety of vulnerable road users, including cyclists.
Secretary General Pakistan Cycling Federation (PCF) Azhar Ali Shah said that Pakistan squad would be consisted of four men and two women cyclists.
POLICE are warning cyclists using data tracking apps in North Wales to be on their guard and not to let thieves know their whereabouts.
Indian road cyclists hit by lack of places to train
I AM writing this letter in the hope that this information gets taken on board by cyclists.
Cyclists already pay for the roads BILL Platt may be right that cyclists should contribute to the maintenance and construction of roads (Letters, October 13).
This irresponsible attitude to fellow cyclists is very dangerous.
WHILE Ben Blake's letter relates to issues on rural roads, I think cyclists generally need get their house in order before they can expect any sympathy from the general public.